Friday, October 15, 2010

Komen Walk for Cure arrives in Chestnut Hill

Walkers with the Susan G. Komen "Walk for the Cure" were in Chestnut Hill this morning where they received a hero's welcome from scores of sidewalk cheering sections. J.S. Jenks elementary school students were out to cheer the walkers as well.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More photos

 These photos come from Drew Shaw who says someone tried driving through the flood waters near Erdenheim Farm and had to be rescued. The photo is of Stenton Avenue (facing Northeast) from Flourtown Rd.

This is Route 73 just below Bethlehem Pike. 

Wissahickon flooding, Valley Green stable burns

I was down at the Valley Green Inn along the Wissahickon Creek this morning to look at the flooding. At 12:30 the waters were beginning to recede a little bit, though several people I spoke with (who were also there to get a look at the water) said they heard that the creek would crest later this afternoon. As you can see from the video, water was up over the retaining walls and lapping the feet of the nearby park benches.

While I was there I noticed that the stables along Valley Green Inn had recently burned. A man who called into the Local from Mt. Airy said he saw fire crews put out the blaze out earlier this morning. I've put a call into the Philadelphia Fire Department to see if they know what caused the fire.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Germantown ‘Y’ reopens after 2-year shutdown

People signed up to join the newly opened Germantown Y last Saturday.
by Lou Mancinelli

Closed for two years because of damage caused by a burst sprinkler pipe, the former YMCA of Germantown – now called the Germantown Y – celebrated its grand reopening this past Saturday
The ceremony also marked the end of a two-year period during which the Y lost its national charter, suffered layoffs, reorganized its board of directors, faced lawsuits – one settled, one not – and carried out extensive renovations.

“Basically, we cleaned things up,” said director Maurice Walls. “The board of directors, with its vision and the help of volunteers, made it possible.”

“Fortunately,” said board president Jim Foster, “our newly constructed board of directors included people with backgrounds in things like finance, contracting and building. We became our own project managers. And through prudent judicious use of funds and a lot of volunteer work we were able to reopen.”

Friday, September 10, 2010

In case you missed it: 10 reasons to go to the B&W Gala

Why you should attend the Black & White Gala

If you have been at the shore all summer or your head has been in the sand (figuratively or literally), you may have missed the stories about this year’s Chestnut Hill Community Association and Chestnut Hill Community Fund Black and White Gala and Silent Auction. 

The Black and White Gala is held outside on a warm fall evening with great auction items.  If that’s not enough, here are other reasons why you should attend the gala:

1. It’s happening in September, specifically on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m.  Other than shipping the kids back to school and the mass exodus from the beach, nothing exciting ever happens in September – until the gala, of course.

2. SoHa (which means South of Hartwell Avenue for you newbies) will be transformed into a Roaring ‘20s party complete with white party tents and a full dance floor. Even the stodgiest among us will be able to relax and enjoy the festive mood.

3. It’s a reason to get dressed up (tuxes are not required, but most guests do wear black or white attire). Who needs a reason to get dressed up, you wonder? Everyone. No matter your age, size or wardrobe, putting on an elegant black and white outfit makes even the most demure person feel like a million bucks.

4. The gala appeals to all generations. Whether you call yourself a senior, Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer, you will enjoy the party.

5. If you haven’t danced to Big Band music since the last wedding you’ve attended – get ready for Paula Johns and the John Clark Big Band. Boy, can she can belt out the tunes! Combine this with an amazing brass section and even you non-dancers will be tapping your feet to their magical sounds.

6. You can bid (and strike a deal) on a huge variety of auction baskets. There are trips to rental homes and Eagles tickets and thanks to the generosity of local merchants and donors, much more. Interested in a wine party at the home a renowned sommelier? Do you want Javelin Design to create and host a website for your growing business? There’s something you will want to win at the silent auction.

7. Everyone in your home will want something from the auction – the athlete in the house will love the basketball instruction and camp from Coach Matt Paul. Your teenage girls will enjoy Millennium Nail Salon & Spa package and the little ones will love the Ballerina Party Package from O’Doodles, which includes a pearl necklace from Lemons and Limes and tickets to the Nutcracker, donated by Jane Piotrowski and Janine Dwyer.
8. Your pooch, big or small, will enjoy the gift card from Bone Appetite: 12 doggie baths from Philly Dog Spot and daily dog walking courtesy of Meet ‘n’ Greet.

9. Passes to yoga classes at Chestnut Hill Yoga, Balance Chestnut Hill are accompanied by fitness clothing from American Eagle Outfitters. 

10. Yes it’s a fundraiser but the money goes directly to the community in which you live, you love and cherish!

This year’s Black and White Gala is being generously sponsored by Bowman Properties, Chestnut Hill Hospital, East River Bank, Elfant Wissahickon Realtors, Stephen T. Piotrowski and Valley Green Bank. Be sure to add it to your calendar. For more information and tickets, call 215-248-8810 or visit

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dialysis center neighbors file appeal

10 E. Moreland Ave.: proposed dialysis center
Peter and Susan Burke, near neighbors of the proposed dialysis center at 10 E. Moreland Avenue, appealed a July 6  Zoning Board of Adjustments decision to allow the dialysis center to operate until 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The appeal was filed by attorney Dan McElhatton on Aug. 3. McElhatton represented neighbors opposed to the zoning variance requests of The Good Food Market last year.

The ZBA had originally approved a variance for the dialysis center with a proviso that it close no later than 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the urging of several neighbors who also presented the ZBA with a petition signed by 72 other nearby residents. After the initial decision, Fresenius Medical Care hired philadelphia zoning lawyer Carl Primavera who asked the ZBA to reconsider the decision, suggesting that the restricted hours would likely prevent the dialysis center from opening.

Primavera told the Local at the time that Fresenius did not want to renovate the property for a center with that kind of restriction. He said Fresenius representatives did not adequately convey that sentiment to the ZBA so he was asking them to reconsider. The ZBA did so, reversing their decision.

The Burkes were clearly unhappy with the decision and decided to appeal it in common pleas court. The one-paragraph notice of appeal calls the decision "arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and contrary to the evidence of record and the Laws of Philadelphia."

In an e-mail to the Local, Burke wrote:  "It is our concern that only politically connected, big business oriented opinions ... were given any weight by the ZBA. 72 neighbors do not appear to count in the ZBA decision process! "

Burke said he has not yet been informed of a hearing date but expects to have a hearing before years' end.